Sometimes, the right words at the right moment can lift us up. That's true of life and playing sports. The RallyTag is a way to take those uplifting words 

of encouragement, inspiration or motivation onto the field with you!  They are also an affordable way to customize your athletic gear.


Our Patented RallyTag glove accessory features a motivational or inspirational phrase that can also be customized. RallyTags are made of 100% genuine leather. The laces are strong and durable, yet soft enough to tie into a secure knot. 

RallyTags easily and securely lace or tie onto your ball glove.  They fit baseball gloves, softball gloves and hockey goalie gloves. RallyTags 

fit every style and size of softball and baseball glove on the market. 

I offer 4 stock motivational phrases for your RallyTag, in a variety of different colors. You can also choose to customize your 

RallyTag with your own personal inscription.

Aside from an inspirational phrase, you can use:

* Your Name and Jersey #

* A Nickname

* Your Team Name 

* A Coach's Instructional Phrase

* The Name of a Loved One

* Support a Special Cause

* A Special Merit (MVP, All Star Team, Golden

Glove winner, etc)

Select your saying, your leather color, print color and lace colors too. The possibilities are endless! 

In creating my softball/baseball glove RallyTags, I adhered to National Pony League glove guidelines, to ensure game regulations compliance.

RallyTags have been field tested for durability over 90 days.

The RallyTag glove accessories fit gloves for all ages and have been battle tested in competitive softball games and softball/baseball practice conditions - at all field positions and all skill levels. RallyTags have endured dirt, dust, rain, heat and cold. I use genuine leather and durable, waterproof laces that knot tightly for a secure fit. 

Simple lacing instructions are included on the packaging. But if you are worried about those laces on your ball  glove that keep 

coming untied, they are not a problem. Every glove has anchored laces surrounding the back of the pocket. You simply poke the 

RallyTag laces through those anchor laces then tie the RallyTag's lace into a secure knot. (There is no need to untie a single thing on your glove.) 

If you change teams, get a new jersey number, want a new motivational phrase or want to keep your RallyTag and get a new glove….go for it. RallyTags are removable and transferable. 

Check out our stock phrases or make your own. They make great gifts for coaches and aspiring young players. 

All orders can be made at 

Customized orders arrive at your door within 7-10 business days. 

(Custom orders must be no longer than 24 characters max. That includes spaces and symbols. No trademarked phrases or 

professional team names. Trademark research will be performed on all custom orders. See guidelines on website under the 

customized RallyTag product option.)

Internationally Patent Pending, 2016