Celebrate Survival - Breast Cancer Awareness RallyTag®

Celebrate Survival - Breast Cancer Awareness RallyTag®


"Celebrate Survival"  RallyTag®. Those who fight breast cancer battle for their lives. Celebrate your loved one's triumph over this horrible disease while out on the field of play.  With a RallyTag® on your glove you can dedicate your entire month of games this October to Breast Cancer survivors.

Magenta Pink Leather for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

* This RallyTag® comes in Magenta Leather. But you can pick from 3 ink colors and 3 lace colors.

RallyTag® glove accessories quickly and easily lace onto every style of baseball and softball glove. 

RallyTags® lace onto your glove without having to untie a single knot. Just poke your RallyTag’s laces through the permanent laces that surround your glove’s pocket, on the thumb side, and tie a secure knot.