For My Brave (Mom) - Breast Cancer Awareness RallyTag®

For My Brave (Mom) - Breast Cancer Awareness RallyTag®


"For My Brave (Mom)"  RallyTag®. The word in parenthesis can be replaced with  Sister, Aunt, Gramma, Friend, or Daughter.  

Show your support for your loved one fighting breast cancer while out on the field of play. With a RallyTag® on your glove you can dedicate your entire month of games this October to those battling breast cancer.

Magenta Pink Leather for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (A portion of the proceeds will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.)

* This RallyTag® comes in Magenta Leather. But you can pick from 3 ink colors and 3 lace colors.

RallyTag® glove accessories quickly and easily lace onto every style of baseball and softball glove. 

RallyTags® lace onto your glove without having to untie a single knot. Just poke your RallyTag’s laces through the permanent laces that surround your glove’s pocket, on the thumb side, and tie a secure knot.